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Izabelle Air Silk Satin Shawl

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IZABELLE SHAWL  ---- made for everyone, to everywhere! 

Introducing you, another range of ironless shawl, Izabelle Shawl. This Air Silk Satin is designed to be resistant to wrinkles and creases, making it easy to maintain without the need for ironing. It is so easy to care making it convenient for everyday use, despite on any weather. Izabelle has a soft, plush texture like velvet but retains the glossy finish and draping qualities of satin.

Every Izabelle Shawl comes beautifully wrapped in its own reusable ziplock bag so they would be great as gifts too!


Material : Air Silk Satin

Measurements (Length x Width) : Approximately 1.8m x 0.65m

Shape : Rectangle shawl with two end curve for maximum style options and full coverage.

Finishing :Baby Seam

Opacity level : 9/10


Hand wash.

Machine wash is not advisable.

Wash separately.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in studio or natural lighting. The colors are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each device settings.